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These are just a small selection of the testimonials I have received - if your specific issue isn't mentioned here it doesn't mean that I can't help, just call me to talk it through - the 20 minute initial consultation is absolutely free.

A range of effective techniques and approaches

It's not "just Hypnotherapy", My aim is to resolve your issue so I research, study and then practice a whole range of different techniques I've found to be effective to make sure I have the best chance of helping you resolve your issue - Check out my New Techniques page

A 10 year old who was compulsively pulling her hair out.

"Thank you so so much Annie for helping my daughter. You have such a lovely way of communicating and connecting with children. My daughter really enjoyed seeing you and was quite sad when we walked away from our final session. I will definitely be recommending you to others where necessary."

A Txt from a pregnant teenager with severe needle phobia

Needle Phobia

My youngest ever client.... 6 years old

She couldn't enjoy family breaks at Disney Land. H.... feared loud noises, fireworks, roller coasters and there was no fun at the fair for her.....

Mother's Testimonial   "Hi Anne, hope you are well, we came back from Disney yesterday, I just wanted to let you know how H..... got on, she was a completely different child this time, she went on all rides and enjoyed them and she watched the fireworks with us, I was crying (happy tears) while watching her enjoy herself, words can't describe how happy I am, thank you so so much she is now a completely diferent child. Thanks again."  R

Grandmother's Testimonial
"Hi Annie, we have just returned from Disney with H.... we had an amazing time. H.... went on every rideand wattched the firework spectacular and loved it all. So a huge thank you from all of us, we all thoroughly enjoyed our trip thanks to you "B..

Restoring badly shaken confidence - Helping a pensioner to live a normal life again.

"After reading many of Annie's articles in the Village Connection magazine, I finally plucked up the courage to ring her to enquire about seddions and prices. I immediately felt she was somebody I could talk to and during my first session I found I had no difficulty in telling her about the two issues which were troubling me and which I was needing help with.
One was long term - approxinately 5 years - and the other more recent 18 months. The first issue was an irrational fear of travelling by train - particularly into London, the second was much more rational - fear of falling.  I'd fallen or slipped twice in the space of 9 months, my confidence levels had dropped and every shiny surface or bumpy piece of ground seemed to spell disaster.
I had boots and shoes re-heeled and re-soled to make them non-slip as I was terrified of falling and fracturing more bones - 4 fractured from one fall was more than enough!
After 8 sessions with Annie I've been to London and even purchased a senior citizens rail card. I'm able to walk along the paths where I had my falls and have at last felt able towear the shoes I was wearing when I slipped over in October 2013!
My confidence has gradually returned and at last I can lead a normal life again! If I feel hesitant about something I simply listen to one of the CDs Annie made for me and then I am able to cope. My visits to Annie were certainly money well spent."

Lifelong Chronic Insomnia

"I have been a life long insomniac and I have tried just about everything you can think of, conventional and non conventional. My insomnia has got far worse this year, an age thing and I was desperate for help. I went to Annie and noticed a difference after the first session. I had a total of three sessions and can honestly say I am sleeping much better, I am also more relaxed and blasé about my numerous stresses. Annie is professional and extremely knowledgable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Thank you very much Annie."

Fear of Flying - Children

"We had a fabulous time in Malta starting with the flight out!

my daughter was a little bit apprehensive the day before (but no real fretting and sleepless night) and on the day itself but at an understandable level. However, we could see huge improvements the key one being that she was eating at the airport!

Once we had boarded she starting getting a little agitated and did not want to go through any of your exercises. So I tried to adopt your style of questions.

I asked her what was the worst thing that could happen and she replied "I could be sick and everyone would see".

So I asked her to look around and see who would really see and she was surprised to only identify the man across the isle from her.

I asked her what he might think " he wold feel sorry for me and be glad it wasn't him"

So I asked her if that was a bad thing and she said in a very surprised voice "no" and then settled down. She read during the flight, slept and ate. While she was a little wary of landing (could it possibly be as good as the take off?) but was fine.

On the way back she wondered if it could be as good as the way out. I'm pleased to say that it was and she wasn't even aware that we were about to land! We've since had a talk about how we may have some flights which are not so smooth but she now accepts that flying does not need to be a problem or a cause for concern.

We just need to win the lottery now to fund the flights to all of the exciting places we want to visit! Thank you so much for your work with my daughter. I will certainly be recommending you to others and will return should the need arise."


 Fear of Flying -  Adult

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your help with my anxiety about overnight air travel. We went to South Africa in January and had a great time and I dealt with two 12 hour overnight flights thanks to your help. I found the breathing discipline of counting in to 7 and out to 11 very effective, just helped bring me back to a steady place."



Presentation Nerves

This is what the father of a high achieving young person  - who had been agonising about a competition he had entered - had to say about the result of his son's single visit just before the event.

Presentation Nerves

Coping with Workplace Stress

"Following a very tricky time at work, I contacted Annie to help me with the symptoms of stress.  I would highly recommend Annie." T. G. Social Media Expert

Generalised Anxiety

"Having visited Annie I was amazed at how much she had been able to help me control my worries and anxieties with her amazing skills. And all this after just 3 visits. Thank you so much Annie I feel so much better and will continue to use your methods in the future."

Fear of injections

"After just only two sessions, Annie helped me to overcome a very long held and irrational fear of injections by identifying an early connection to a related happening and convincing me that my fear was not of actual injections. I could not have come to that realisation on my own and I am extremely grateful for Annie's compassionate help. Her credentials gave me great confidence right from the start even not ever having had any therapy before in my life and not really knowing what I was getting into! So, many thanks indeed, Annie" September 2017

Coping with steps

"Hello Annie - this is definitely not trumpet blowing, but we are just back from a week in (very hilly!) Madeira and thought you would like to know that my relationship with steps was much improved. It made me so pleased - even Mark noticed the difference. Where he automatically put out his arm to help, I was off under my own steam. As I really wanted - just like an ordinary person. Still WIP, but so much better - and will be better still if I keep at it. Thank you so much for unblocking the channel - it's just great to be able to treat steps just like everyone else does, as a means to an end, not as a frightening problem. A new lease of life!" April 2017 

Dealing with Childhood Abuse

"I went to see Annie as l have suffered for the past 43 years with fears and great emotional distress due to being abused as a child and into my early adult life. I cannot thank Annie enough she has given me peace and l am finally comfortable in my life. Her professionalism and calming personality is very reassuring and made me feel so very reassured and welcome."

Fear of Falling 

"I am so glad that Annie came into my life.

I am 80 years old and for about six months I had been suffering a phobia that I could not walk inside the house or outside anywhere without holding on to furniture or my husband's arm. This was even with the aid of a walking stick in one hand and the arm support on the left. This got worse over the past month or so and I could not cope any more, despite the treatment/tablets I received from two doctors, which did no work. I did not know which way to turn and then read a page in our local Village Magazine by Annie on hypnotherapy treatment. I thought it was worth a try as I had no alternatives left. After two sessions my life has been turned around and I am almost back to normal living, doing what I used to do and am so happy. I do not need any further consultations. At the end of each session Annie provided a CD of the relaxation session. At night before going to sleep I listen to this and it has a definite effect on my mind and thoughts. Thank you Annie for all your help." August 2017

Managing low self esteem

"Annie was brilliant. I was really nervous about being hypnotised, but she put me at my ease and made it really easy. She has truly helped me to learn to like myself and accept my past, even though I believed I was a lost cause. I would thoroughly recommend her."

Dealing with loss

After just two sessions this client noticed a huge shift in how she has been feeling since she was a very young child.

"Annie. Thank you so much, can not explain it or believe it but I feel so much better. You are a gem and I can never thank you enough"


"A HUGE thanks to Annie - her hypnotherapy DOES work! I hadn't had a full night's sleep for decades. Went to see Annie who helped me sort out the reason why I was unable to sleep, a 45-year old reason that I have now resolved. Oh, the bliss of sleeping a full night or waking and going straight back to sleep instead of counting the hours and the sheep and getting nowhere. Annie is friendly, kind, positive and non-judgemental and she truly gets results."

Curing my fear of heights -  In Jake's own words

"I saw Annie 3 times to help me recover from my fear of heights.  I didn't like roller coasters, high diving boards, escalators, lifts, high balconies, climbing walls - just about anything high up!  I really wanted to dive off the high diving board at the swimming pool.  Annie helped me by making the annoying fear be kicked away by the thought of something good.  After my last session I was completely cured!  I have dived off the high board and my mum and I have been on the London Eye!  I love the escalators on the underground and I'm planning to do the high ropes course at Center Parcs with my cousin this summer." Jake Age 11

And from Jake's mum 

"Annie has recently helped my 11 year old son overcome his fear of heights.Before seeing Annie he was scared of lifts and escalators or tall flights of stairs, he wouldn't take part on scout activities like the climbing walls, refused invites to birthday parties at high ropes courses and wouldn't go down the slides at the leisure pools.

His greatest ambition was to be able to jump off the high diving board. After just two sessions working with Annie he was confident that his fears were gone and he jumped from the high diving board - repeatedly! He then enjoyed all of the water flumes at the leisure pool too. 

The fear of lifts and escalators has disappeared without him even noticing! Our next plan is to go to the London Eye as he tells me so strongly that he is no longer afraid of heights at all in any way, shape or form!" S. S. HR Expert

Medical phobia

"Thank you so much Annie for your help. There are numerous signs that tell me that talking to you was one of the best things I've ever done. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who needs help" A. P. 

Treating ingrained habits

Curing a smoking habit of 20 years in a handful of sessions is not unusual. But while it often works like magic Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand


"I was desperate to completely stop smoking having used many other methods in the past. I contacted Annie after some research as I wanted to ensure the hypnotherapist used to smoke themselves. Annie was very friendly and professional leaving no stone unturned in tailoring a personal hypnotherapy programme for me. I don't know how she done it but I now confidently live cigarette free for the first time in years. I remember first going to Annie and wondering would this work? Now, I don't even think about it. No evenings out worrying about being tempted. I can't even remember smoking and it feels like a past life such is the total cessation of a horrible controlling habit that is no more. Cannot recommend Annie highly enough." N. O. National Rail Worker

Jaw Clenching

"I went to Annie because I'd had a long standing problem where I was constantly clenching my jaw. It was driving me crazy. I'd met Annie at Networking a year or so before and had got to know her quite well. I decided that Annie would be able to help me because she was very knowledgable, kind and the kind of person I could trust very easily. Going in to hypnotherapy I wasn't overly confident that it would work, but I have learnt that if you want something to happen, it can happen. After one session my jaw clenching problem was fixed and Annie supplied me with a copy of what she'd said in the session for me to listen to later. Overall Annie was brilliant. I would recommend her to anyone. So if you have a problem that's really bothering you, have a chat with Annie and see how she can help." M. H. Video Productions

My Hypnotherapy has also helped clients who, due to their fear, were unable to actually name their phobia or hear words or phrases that described it too closely.

One such client was an 18 year old who came to me with an injection/needle phobia. She was so scared that she brought a friend with her to her first appointment for moral support. During the first session I had to say "The word beginning with I" - even this triggered her feelings of anxiety and made her well up with tears. By the end of session two she was able to say "Injection" herself and she was so excited by her progress she rang her Dad after the session to say "Injection, injection, injection" to him. By the end of her third and final session she was able to hold a needle and syringe without a problem and even did so whilst she was in deep relaxation. I saw her Dad recently and she has conquered her phobia so successfully that she has had a tattoo done - something she would never have contemplated before My Hypnotherapy.

Helping with anxiety

"I attended My Hypnotherapy Works for issues with anxiety following an abusive relationship which was affecting all aspects of my daily living. Annie the hypnotherapist was professional but very welcoming and easy to talk to. Her extensive nursing and coaching background was evident and I felt completely understood. I found she really appreciated what I was feeling and how it was affecting me and had a genuine empathy for what I was going through. Annie works by giving you a 'toolbox' via hypnotherapy so that when out of the therapy room you can access the tools you need to combat whatever it is you are facing. For example, by hypnotherapy I was given a trigger point on my hand to activate when I was feeling anxious, much easier than trying to remember strategies of how to calm yourself. The trigger point when activated by touch triggers the brain to remember the hypnotherapy and instantly I felt calmer and the anxiety went away. I suffer much less now as I have control (yippee!). Very simple yet very effective and far more effective than anything else I have ever tried." KC 

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