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Hypnotherapy and a whole lot more

Why I research and train in new techniques

My therapy 'toolkit' has a wide range of proven techniques - because clients respond in different ways to different interventions.

Not Just Hypnotherapy

How Evidence Based Practice Works

All my professional experience - both as a nurse and as a Hypnotherapist - shows that no single discipline can ever have a solution for every issue. I love what I do, helping people deal with a huge range of issues. I learn new things about the human mind every day and I am always seeking out, training in and testing new ways of helping my clients.

All my practice is evidence based, if I have not seen the technique working and made it work myself then I simply do not use it. People are all different and respond differently - you wouldn't expect it to be any other way. 

I'm guessing that you care more about resolving your issue than about how a particular technique works.
That's true for me too; I often don't completely understand why or how some of the more obscure techniques I am using are working - but it's enough for me and my clients that they do. My training encourages this approach of discovering new things that work and incorporating them into practice - we accept that we will never fully understand the amazing human brain!

Where is the Evidence?

How will I Know Hypnotherapy is Working?

Before your first appointment I ask you to complete a set of standard screening questionnaires on your mental state - this gives us a baseline for how your issue is affecting your well-being. Before every subsequent session I ask you to complete further assessments to determine your progress.

These measurements also help hone down the best type of intervention to use. Some techniques produce really rapid results, you'll notice the difference immediately. Some are a 'slower burn' and, just as with learning anything you need to practice. I will ask you to practice any techniques, I have taught you, between sessions to reinforce the change.

I'll be working just as hard as you are before, during and after your session. I love what I do and enjoy making a difference, which is why every element of my practice is tailored to you as an individual. The preparation, measurement, bespoke recordings and ongoing research across a whole range of disciplines works to benefit both of us - your issue is resolved and I learn more that I can then use to help others.

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