Are online appointments ever better than face to face?

I always get the technology sorted first it shouldn't be a distraction.

Although many people use Zoom for work, not everyone is expeirenced with online appointments - so its worth us taking a bit of time to sort the technical stuff out and establish that you are comfortable with it.

I use Video as an additional medium

I've used Zoom much more extensively in the last 6 weeks especially for anxiety issues caused by the Covid-19 health emergency. The majority of my core techniques and interventions work well and those that do not can be used once face to face appointments are safe for both myself and the clients.

The key advantages I've discovered are:

Its really easy for busy parents to get their children to appointments on time and takes away the stress of travel in "school run time"

Adults as clients themselves are generally more relaxed in their own homes than they are in my consulting room and seem to talk more freely....we do seem get to crunch points in the therapy much quicker

Children adapt very quickly

I've found that some Children who are difficult to engage face to face find themselves totally relaxed, engaged and at home with Zoom.

Most children are "digital natives" and are currently home schooling using on-line materials they have grown up with screens and the internet, they're used to concentrating on YouTube videos TikToc and the like, and they adapt really quickly.

Where parents wish to be present or to engage at the end of their child's session

Zoom allows me to manage parental and preserve the young person's wish for confidentiality.

Zoom has proved very useful for couples appointments ...

Only one person can talk at a time - it forces individuals to listen to what the other is saying!

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