Does On-Line Hypnotherapy Work

My practical experience over the last 8 years is that video appointments work with most people....

Because I've used Zoom more and more in the last few weeks I'm beginning to see a number of advantages to both client and myself. Most of these are due to the client being more relaxed and in a familiar space - but every client is different so we'll need to work out whether its right for you. 

Adults - You are comfortable  in a safe relaxed environment.

You can focus on the screen and what I am saying. It feels more private - you can talk freely

Children - are a "digital natives"

Engaging with screens is a normal part of life and screens focus attention

Couples -  Zoom only lets one person talk at a time

You don't have to be in the same room  - or even at the same location,  so you get to have your uninterrupted say and your partner has to listen

The Ideal Set Up for Online Appointments

I need to have clear sight of the client face to waist, and ideally like to see the client's hands

We also need a good broadband connection.

Please use the biggest screen you have available

if you are  using a mobile phone set this up at more than "selfie distance" to make sure I've got clear sight of you.

I'm happy to have a Free 10 minute Zoom Appointment to Check Your SetUp

Please check my Using Zoom Safely Instructions

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