What happens when I am Hypnotised?

There are many common misconceptions about Hypnotherapy.......

"Will you be swinging a watch in front of my face?" 
No there are no swinging watches involved, in fact I don't know any Hypnotherapists that use a swinging watch - this is more for dramatic effect on the stage and big screen.

"Will you make me cluck like a chicken"

Only if you want to! I can't make you do anything you don't want to, if you came to see me with the specific intention of clucking like a chicken I would ask you why and start working with you on the motivation for that desired behaviour.

"Will I be under your control?"
Again the answer is no. During a session you will be completely in control and fully aware of what is happening, even when you are 'in trance'. I talk to your unconscious mind whilst you are in a relaxed state, so you may feel a bit like you are daydreaming but are in control and will be able to open your eyes at all times.

"What is being in trance?'
Being in trance is something we all experience every day without realising it. Have you ever driven a familiar route and got to your destination without remembering the actual journey......that's being in a driving trance. Can you get so immersed in a book, the TV, a game etc that you are unaware of what's going in in the world around you.......that's being in trance. When you are 'doing' your problem or issue you are in trance. My role is to de-hypnotise you from your issue or problem trance, so you can get on with living the life that you want.

"Will you make me forget things?"
In Cognitive Hypnotherapy we don't erase memories, I help your unconscious mind to reframe them so the memory remains but the old emotion that was attached to it is changed or disappears.

"I like what I'm seeing here but don't live near you, can you still help?"
I see clients face to face in my therapy room just outside of Basingstoke but I also offer sessions via Skype if you live too far away to come and see me - currently my most 'distant' client lived in Sweden. If you would like Skype sessions my experience is that a combination of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching is most effective.

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