Hypnotherapy Breaks Habits

Are you conscious of the damage you are doing but can't change the behaviour?

Nail biting, binging on food or alcohol, tics, hair pulling, skin picking, fidgeting, stammering and stuttering are all habits that are usually unconscious. Habits are negative behaviour patterns; these patterns can be changed with My Hypnotherapy.

My Hypnotherapy Works by supporting you in making the changes you need to make.

Although you could try to break the habit with willpower you are more likely to be successful in changing these negative behaviours if you get some help. 

If you really want to break the habit or change the behaviour My Hypnotherapy really does work and it works fast.

Some habits are easier to break than others.  I have enabled a client to stop biting their nails in a single session, smoking and drinking, which have an addiction element, tend to take longer.

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