Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Self Esteem

What's The Difference Between Confidence and Self-Esteem?

Confidence is linked to our external world and how others see or perceive us, how we present ourselves and what we achieve

Self-esteem is more to do with our relationship with ourselves, what we think and feel about who we are.

Confidence and self-esteem are linked but aren't always connected. Someone who is confident and or competent may have low self-esteem - the external validation they get from other people compensates for how little they like or value themselves.

If you have low self-confidence you may:

  • Feel you need to explain your decisions or mistakes
  • Feel that you fail at everything and are unsuccessful
  • Blame and complain about others
  • Immediately make excuses or become defensive when you feel you are being critisised
  • Have a need for acceptance or approval
  • Feel that your successes are due to luck rather than your ability and skill
  • Fear change which can lead to you staying in a job or relationship that is unfulfilling
  • Have negative thoughts and be pessimistic and critical
  • Have a fear of the future and be unable to enjoy the present
  • Be a perfectionist and feel shame if perfection isn't achieved (which invariably it isn't)

If you have low self-esteem you may:

  • Have a negative self image and think you are bad, ugly, unlikeable, stupid
  • Find it hard to make and keep friends
  • Put yourself down
  • Compare yourself to your peers in a negative way
  • Feel you're not good enough or worthless
  • Focus on your mistakes and, what you feel, are your weaknesses

Low self-esteem can have an effect on your mental health. Having negative beliefs about yourself lowers your ability to cope with the stressors in life; this can place you at higher risk of developing mental health problems such as eating disorders, depression or social phobia. It may also be triggered by existing mental health problems, as the pressure of other symptoms and the perceived stigma associated with a mental health problem, can impact on the way you see and feel about yourself.



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