Hypnotherapy for Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety is really common.

If your fear of the Dentist is stopping you from getting regular checkups and getting problems treated before they become serious - no matter how many times a day you clean and floss your teeth - your dental health will suffer. Tooth decay only gets worse over time.

My Hypnotherapy specialises in treating dental anxiety and dental phobias.

I work with anxious and phobic clients to identify when and why the fears started and to track how they have developed over time. Usually I can help you to develop coping and relief strategies to help you get through any treatment programme. 

I also work directly with dentists who will always find a relaxed patient much easier to treat

I can even attend treatment sessions with you to keep you relaxed and confident.

People who have never had any problems with their teeth are rarely anxious about visits to the dentist.

So its the people who most need their dentists help that tend to be the most anxious and who shy away from getting the treatment they really need.

If any of this is you then get in touch and we can work out how best to help you manage the problem and put this anxiety behind you. 



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