Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking

Breaking the Smoking Addiction.

Although you know the facts about the damage smoking is doing to your health, your need to smoke far outweighs the harm you know you are doing to your health.

But we are not dealing with logic here we're dealing with addiction, and not just to nicotine but all that goes with your own smoking experience.

Stopping Smoking is easy - Staying stopped is much harder!

Why you smoke is the key - your reasons may have changed over time. You might have started because it was "cool" when you were much younger, or as a way to relax but now its part of a routine, a habit.

Smoking has become part of your life. So your life does change when you stop

You may be used to smoking with colleagues at work who take a break and congregate in the smoking shelter. Maybe it's smoking with friends at the pub who brave the cold or savour the last of the evening sun.

I will help you to identify whatever your smoking 'triggers' are and then make suggestions while you are in a relaxed state to change your response to these 'triggers'.

Change is hard work. That's why you need all the help you can get!

Its not just the physical addiction, its all the social elements and the past enjoyable memories - when cigarettes were advertised in the past these were always the strongest themes.

There are no miracle cures - you really have to want to stop.

I can't stop you smoking, only you can do that - what I can do is give you the tools to help you stop, whether you use them or not is then up to you.

Because you will only give up successfully when you really want to, I will assess how strong your commitment is to giving up in our initial free consultation and if I feel you are not committed I won't offer an initial appointment. Otherwise My Hypnotherapy will just be something else to try and fail.

I know how difficult stopping can be and My Hypnotherapy really works to stop you smoking for good.

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