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Online Hypnotherapy - Does it work?

Zoom Meeting

I've been providing an online consultation service for the last 8 years.
This is an area where I know, from long experience in online consultation that My Hypnotherapy Works. Since Lockdown changed the way we all work I've received much positive feedback from clients I was seeing pre lockdown who then transitioned to online and also from those I have seen purely online.

Online has always been helpful for clients who travel for business or who often work away from home. It's just slightly different from face to face  and requires slightly modified techniques.

What I have noticed since the Covid-19 lockdown is a big rise in enquiries for anxiety and heightened mental health issues. Social isolation for some and overcrowding for others, have taken their toll. General uncertainty, worrying news bulletins, sickness and death of friends and relatives have all contributed to this.

Please don't hesitate to phone me, book a call or online initial consultation - I will do my best to help you and we can begin to work out the best way for you to start to help yourself, or to gain enough confidence online to use this very powerful medium.

Because of my nursing, intensive care and infection control experience, I have developed a full risk assessment and a series of mitigation strategies and precautions to enable me to start seeing clients in person from August 4th 2020 Read More

Government Advice on safe working in different sectors does change and online sessions are the only guaranteed means of eliminating the risks to all concerned from random factors beyond anyone's control.

Following the latest Government guidelines released on September 23rd 2020 I will, for everyone's safety, only be offering online sessions.

I will be regularly updating my advice and detailed procedures for face to face consultations on my Keeping Face to Face Safe Page

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