Not just Hypnotherapy

All my practice is evidence based and my experience shows that no single discipline can ever have a solution for every issue. I love what I do - which is to help people deal with a huge range of issues. I learn new things about the human mind every day and I am always seeking out, training in and testing new ways of helping my clients.

If I have not seen the technique working and made it work myself then I simply do not use it; I often don't know why or how some of the more obscure techniques I am using are working - but it's enough for me and many clients that they do. My Quest training encourages this approach of discovering new things that work and incorporating them into practice.... we accept that we will never fully understand the amazing human brain!

Ollie Coaching

Interestingly "Ollie and his super powers" embraces techniques that work with both adults and children. In my children's practice Ollie has been an invaluable assistant and really popular with young people. 

Ollie was created to disassociate the issue from the child to enable the use of child friendly language about how our mind works and why we feel what we feel.

Ollie allows children and adults to work through their issues and find positive empowerment - helping them to be the best version of who they can be. Like all of my practice Ollie Coaching  is individually focussed and uses the language each client uses to address their issue


This became very fashionable a year or so back and I've found it very useful in helping young people deal with exam nerves and clients suffering from general anxiety. Solidly based in meditation it's a very ancient technique with real relevance to our over technical society.


Thought Field Therapy - TFT

Described as "brief effective psychotherapy for the natural healing of negative emotions and psychological problems" it is highly effective and has shown to be of value to around 85% of clients.


A set of techniques based on neuroscience and neurobiology that have been shown to produce rapid results with anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD and many other issues.

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