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Hypnotherapy for you as an individual

NOT Hypnotherapy for a 'label' you've been given.

Annie Winfield-Shearer

Hello, I'm Annie Winfield-Shearer. 
I've spent all of my working life helping people deal with physical, emotional and mental health issues and also with major changes in their lives and/or careers. What I've learnt over the years is that everyone needs help sometimes.

My Hypnotherapy is about you not me,
but if you want to know more about  me and my experience - just expand the links below.

I know from years of experience that I can help most people.
That's why I call my practice "My Hypnotherapy Works". 

If you feel something is holding you back or you are struggling with anything - Don't worry about what anyone else thinks, you can get help, and 'Changing your thoughts can change your life.'

I'm only a phone call away.
I'm happy to chat informally or you can book a free initial consultation on-line. I've probably experienced every issue you are likely to need help with in my professional practice, my business, or in my personal life. Understanding how and why this 'stuff' happens is the first step in resolving any issue.


I've not led a sheltered life...

I qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist with the Quest Institute in 2012 and have continued my learning in NLP and other related therapies since then. My aim has always been to deliver bespoke, individual therapy and to discover what works for a client as quickly as I can.

I have a special interest in helping both adults and children with anxiety, panic attacks, depression or low mood and phobias. I have undertaken additional training in helping couples with fertility issues.

I chose Cognitive Hypnotherapy because it is:

  • Fully evidence based - like the best clinical practice - and it focuses on what works.
  • Cost effective for clients - my aim is to help you resolve your issue as quickly as possible. I will never protract or extend therapy beyond what is needed to resolve your issue.
  • Quick to adopt and include techniques from disciplines that have been seen to work.

I've previously seen the benefits hypnotherapy can bring in many challenging medical and social situations and understand its place in helping you get on with your life.

I have added a range of other techniques to My Hypnotherapy Toolkit and have undertaken formal training in TFT, PsyTap, Ollie Coaching, Rapid Interventions and the use of EMDR techniques click here to visit my New Techniques Page

Everything in my training and years of professional nursing practice was based on adopting treatments, interventions and strategies that have been seen to work in real life and which change over time.
In 30 years of helping children with cancer I've seen huge change in the treatments used and equally huge improvement in rates of recovery. Medical science never stops learning, and rapidly adopts the treatments that are shown to be both safe and effective.

Everything in my training and professional practice as a hypnotherapist is equally based on what both I and others have experienced working safely and effectively. What works for you as a client is far more important that any theoretical understanding of any issue in isolation

I've personally experienced the rapid effects of Cognitive Hypnotherapy as a client and can fully endorse it to my own clients. I had an issue that had 'plagued' my life since I was a child and which resisted years of intervention from counsellors, CBT practitioners, psychologists etc where all their efforts had no effect. But after just two sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy I was well on the way to resolving it for good - if only I'd found it earlier!.

That's not to say that any of these disciplines are ineffective - they just didn't help me, so finding what works for you as an individual is the key to most of my success.

I constantly seek out and train in new  techniques to incorporate these into my practice, expanding my 'toolbox' enables me to find the appropriate technique(s) to help you. 

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I've learned a lot along the way

I'm a Registered General and Sick Children's Nurse.
In my nursing career I was a  Sister in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Guys in London - in this role I had to establish rapport and trust with parents, whose children were critically ill, very quickly - this has helped hugely in my Hypnotherapy practice. I have also worked in several senior roles in other London teaching hospitals, including University College and Great Ormond Street. All very demanding and high stress clinically focused roles in well funded internationally renowned hospitals.

Community Children's Nursing really opened my eyes to the issues below the surface.
When I worked as a Community Children's Nurse, based in Guildford, I quickly realised that even in leafy and prosperous Surrey, Safeguarding (Child Protection) and nursing children with cancer and leukaemia was a significant part of my role.
I also nursed many children who were terminally ill, helping their parents on the journey from being told their child isn't going to survive to accepting the inevitability of the situation and being able to talk their child about it. 

Because of the varied experience I have gained in my life, my nursing career and as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I like to think that I am pretty much un-shockable, so anything you bring to our sessions probably won't faze me.

Having spent over 40 years in nursing. I have worked with drug addicts, sex workers, child abusers, rapists, murderers and survivors of domestic abuse. I worked in Children's Intensive Care at Guys and Great Ormond Street Hospitals - where a large part of the workload involved working with the Safeguarding Team (Child Protection). As a brief respite from ITU I worked in an HIV and Aids Hospice and, latterly, in the community where I visited sick children at home. These experiences have rendered me pretty much un-shockable, I like to think that I will have seen, heard about or done anything clients bring to a session!

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