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Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Fears & Phobias


Children's Issues

Teenage Issues

Teenage Issues

Habits & Addictions

Habits and addictions

Eating Disorders

Only you know exactly what your issue is.
A 'fear' for some people is a 'phobia' for others. It doesn't matter whether I describe your issue as 'Self Esteem' or 'Confidence' - it's your issue - it's what you call it and how you describe it, and how it impacts on you and your enjoyment of life that matters.

How you describe your issue is what matters.
There us not a lot of point in talking loudly in English to someone who doesn't speak English. There is very little point in trying to engage your unconscious mind in 'giving up alcohol' if you see your problem as 'drinking too much wine'.


The words you use, not the words other people use, are the ones that have meaning for you. 
My Hypnotherapy will identify and use the words you use to describe your issue. It will address your unconscious mind using the same words you would use, so it becomes more like you telling yourself to make the changes you want to make, not me telling you.

There are no standard people and a personalised approach is usually more effective than a standard approach. Properly made to measure clothes always fit much better than off the peg standard garments. My Hypnotherapy doesn't treat fear of spiders, I address your fear of spiders

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