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My Hypnotherapy can help with
eating disorders.

Eating disorders are becoming increasingly common.

They affect men, women and children. We all know that eating too much or  too little are equally bad for your health.

If you don't have experience of an eating disorder you probably think it's all very simple to resolve, but it never is. Unpacking and unpicking the reasons behind the issue can open the floodgates to so many different causes. Helping a client resolve an eating disorder can be a bit like peeling an onion - as you remove one layer you expose another. It's not until you reach the 'core' that they are able to move to resolution.


Most clients have been eating too much or too little for several years before they seek help. The excess weight gain or excessive weight loss, due to unhealthy eating habits, have taken place over a period of years, so it is unrealistic to expect instant results. Anyone who offers this kind of "cure" is selling you snake oil, the mind and body just don't work that way, no matter how you might wish they did!

"Once your mind is in the right place your body will take care of the rest" is the advice I usually give to clients, but I'm always very clear that any resulting weight gain or weight loss will take place over a period of time.

Most of us have tried the fad diets that claim you will lose stones in weeks. All of us know that they don't work or if they do you can't sustain them over the longer term, so your weight and your waistline yoyo up and down and you never seem to get anywhere.

Once you have understood how and why you are unable to maintain a healthy weight - or, sometimes, even what a healthy weight is for you - we can make some good progress, but this involves a big change in your attitude towards food and it may take months rather than days to get you on the right path.

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