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My Hypnotherapy Specialises in Children's Issues for Very Good Reasons

My Hypnotherapy can work for children as soon as their language skills begin to develop.

I specialised in treating children in my NHS clinical practice for more than 30 years. I'm completely at ease in teasing out symptoms and descriptions of problems from children and, often, from their worried parents. Now I specialise in helping children and young people using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.

Children are a joy to treat.

Unlike adults they don't come with preconceptions about what Hypnotherapy is. As long as they want their problem to stop, treatment success is usually very rapid. This 'buy in' is critical and parents need to ensure that the child wants to come for treatment - forcing them to come against their will is usually counterproductive. Children usually really enjoy the sessions and look forward to coming back.

Because My Hypnotherapy talks to each individual child in the language they themselves use we get to the heart of problems very quickly.

Childrens Issues

I've been helping children and families for a very long timme

Some of your questions answered

If your child is having some persistent difficulties that seem to be emotional or psychological in nature there are some very effective hypnotherapy and NLP techniques that can really help.

The most obvious signs are anger, aggression and tantrums.

The more subtle signs can be withdrawal and a reluctance to engage.

If your child's issue is not listed here please give me a call, I will be delighted to help if I can.
These are just some of the issues I've helped with:

Fears and Phobias - Heights, Needles, Spiders, Mice, Flying, Dentists and many more

Eating Disorders -Picky Eating, Over Eating, Anorexia, Bulimia

Childhood Difficulties - Bedwetting, Soiling, Dealing with Loss, Daytime Wetting

Anxiety and Self Confidence - Exam Nerves, Social Anxiety, Poor Self Esteem, Dealing With Bullying


Your child may or may not want you present during their sessions. If you are present the main therapeutic relationship is between your child and me. If your child chooses to see me on their own I will make a video recording which will contain everything that is said by both your child and myself, but which will only contain images of me.

All of my client Zoom sessions are recorded. 

I encourage parents to be fully involved especially if I have taught the child techniques to use at home.

I also have an Enhanced DBS Disclosure.

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