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My Hypnotherapy - What to expect

My Hypnotherapy - Consultation Process

I'm happy to chat and answer questions.


I love what I do and I hope this shows in my approach to both my work and life in general and I get results.
The only part that is identical for every client is my consultation process which I tell you about below. It's identical because I have perfected it over time and if you work with it it will work for you too.

I try to be absolutely clear with all potential clients

I never forget that, while I 'do' Cognitive Hypnotherapy all the time, for most people it will be a new experience and, for many of you, it's taking the first brave step towards making a big change in your lives.

There is only so much my website can say about My Hypnotherapy - what it is, how it works and the areas I've helped people with - there is no standard 'one size fits all' approach to any issue.

To make sure I've properly understood what you are asking me to help with and you understand what we can and cannot achieve with My Hypnotherapy, I've developed a simple process that I always follow in taking on new clients and in helping established clients.

I always speak with new and potential clients before confirming a booking for any paid session, if you have something you'd just like a quick chat about, then please call me - if I'm not busy I'll pick up and if not you can leave a message. I return every call as soon as I have the space and privacy to do so.

You can either book now online or call me to discuss how I can help 01256 320538

My 20 minute Free Initial Consultations 90 minute First Appointments and Follow Up Appointments can be either online or  in person - whichever we agree is best for you.

How We'll Work Together

Working out whether I can help and how I can help, is always a conversation without charge. These conversations can be by phone or online via Zoom. I will expect to be reimbursed my travel costs if you want to meet up away from my office.

If we both decide to proceed then I will book your first appointment and arrange payment to reserve this time for you.

I will send you a series of questionnaires to help me to understand who you are, how you think and where you are in dealing with the issue with which you want my help. Completing these questionnaires and exercises in advance helps me to prepare for your first session which is about 90 minutes long. Thereafter each session is between 45 and 60 minutes and, as you progress, I may provide you with personalised recordings and appropriate exercises to reinforce the session content. At each session I also measure your progress to ensure I am using the best techniques for you.

During your appointment the work we do will begin to change neural pathways in your brain. How much you do between sessions - listening to recordings or practicing techniques - will make these new pathways stronger, the more you practice the more established these pathways will become.

At the end of each session we will book another appointment for you. The frequency of follow up appointments will depend on both the issue you are dealing with and your budget for therapy. I see clients weekly, fortnightly, three weekly and monthly.

Some of Your Questions Answered

There are no hard and fast rules for the number of sessions you will need but I can offer you a guideline after the initial consultation. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is brief therapy so 4-6 sessions are the norm - some clients require more, some less, we are all unique after all!

At the beginning of each session I will ask you how things have been since the last session and note any changes or differences you have noticed. I also ask you to complete an 'Outcome Measurement' form before each session, this informs both of us of the progress you are making. Sometimes the changes in clients are so subtle that they aren't consciously aware of them, using this measurement tool enables us to monitor and see these changes. The data from these forms may be used - anonymously - for research purposes in the future.

Please call me to discuss fees - I create individual session plans and cannot begin to estimate the cost of resolving your issue before talking with you.

I want your decision on whether we work together to be based on this discussion rather than price. Not all Hypnotherapists are the same and I am proud of my reputation for both success and ethical practice.

Fees are always payable in advance of each session - to reserve the appointment time. I accept debit/credit cards over the phone or you can pay by bank transfer.

To help you understand exactly what to expect of me, and what I in turn expect of you, my Terms of Engagement can be viewed here.  I will ask you to sign a copy of these terms before any sessions are undertaken; you will be sent a copy signed by both of us for you records.

In common with other health professionals I am registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 as I am obliged to keep and maintain records of every clients' therapy .

My practice is regulated by the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) whose code of conduct is available here

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I publish my Privacy Policy here and this explains why I will ask you, when sessions commence, for your specific permission to use fully anonymised data that relates to you and your therapy, but which cannot be used to identify you, in any professional research projects my practice may be involved in.

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The results of these projects will always be anonymised and may be shared only with other professionals; they may also be used in further research, professional publications and websites.

Some of the most common Issues I help clients with

My Professional Registrations


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