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Hypnotherapy for fertility issues. 

Trying to get pregnant can be a roller coaster of high hopes and then bitter disappointment.
The excitement and anticipation of "Maybe this is THE month", followed by the desperation you feel when you find out that you aren't pregnant. Or the thrill of seeing the positive pregnancy test followed by the heartbreak when it shows negative.

My Hypnotherapy focuses on 'Project You' rather than 'Project Baby', that is getting your body and mind in the right place to conceive, rather than focusing purely on conception.

Every individual case is different - call me to discuss how My Hypnotherapy might help you conceive and carry your baby to term.


Some of your Questions Answered.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Anyone who has been through this experience will confirm that the stresses and strains on both partners are often extreme.
Whether you are trying for a baby naturally, with the help of calendars and temperature charts, with medical intervention such as medication, by IUI, ISCI or IVF; if it becomes the focus of your marriage or relationship, the transition from "making love" to "making babies" often kills off all spontaneity and takes over your lives.

Whatever your doubts and fears, and whatever you believe, your mental state will always have an impact on how well treatments work and how you manage the complex hormonal processes involved in getting pregnant, unfortunately this is not currently acknowledged or treated by 'mainstream' medical practitioners. Sometimes just giving yourself permission to get pregnant is enough.

Relaxing and getting back in touch with what your body is telling you it needs will always help you. Stress complicates so many areas of your metabolism and physiology and not getting pregnant can be a primitive survival mechanism.

Hypnotherapy in conjunction with 'conventional' treatments for fertility has been shown to increase the likelihood of your conceiving by approximately 50% and can help with the pregnancy progressing normally. Levitas et al published a very interesting study of the effects of hypnotherapy on successful implantation of embryos in 2006.

A summary of the paper is available here:

Further research work on hypnotherapy and Fertility is available here:


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