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Why is Mindfulness suddenly the answer to so many problems?

Miracle cures, celebrity patients, exaggerated claims - when you Google Mindfulness you see a mass of sensationalist stories, most of which seem to miss the very simple connection between our minds and our bodies.

So what are Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation?
Based on Buddhist meditation practices dating back to 5th Century BC Right Mindfulness has become the core of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and is proving exceptionally effective in helping people deal with anxiety and depression. This modern therapy strips away the religious context and focuses on teaching simple disciplines and techniques that can work for almost anyone. The focus is on living in the present moment - clearing our minds of everything that is not "now" especially past regrets and anxieties over the future.

I teach Mindfulness techniques both to individuals and small groups

In my personal life I studied and practiced Buddhism for many years and, for fitness and my general well being, I still practice both meditation and yoga. But I don't call myself a Buddhist and you don't need any sort of religious belief to benefit from practicing mindful meditation.

It's not too surprising that meditation produces very similar effects to those experienced during and after hypnotherapy. 

If you are interested give me a call  01256 320538 / 07894 099351

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