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Online Hypnotherapy - Does it work?

I've Always Offered Online Hypnotherapy Consultations

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I started my online hypnotherapy practice more than 12 years ago at a client's request. This service  has always been really useful for clients who are away on business regularly, and for clients who live too far away to travel for in person consultations. Usually these clients were very tech savvy and used to remote conferencing in their day to day business.

No longer limited to experienced business internet users I've received equally positive feedback from clients  I was seeing pre lockdown who transitioned to online and also from those I have seen purely online. My own quality measurements confirm that properly adapted online hypnotherapy is just as effective as face to face.

My Booking System is fully integrated with Zoom

From long experience I know My Hypnotherapy Works online

My Hypnotherapy consultations were exclusively online for two years and I have never been busier  I worked hard  to adapt my techniques and my client testimonials make it clear that my online hypnotherapy was working just as well as face to face.

This very different set of circumstances actually served to improve my core practice Because My Hypnotherapy is tailored to each individual client it has also been possible to identify a number of individual areas and client characteristics where online therapy actually proves more effective than in person consultation. 

Right now my practice is nicely balanced between face to face consultations and online and I'm working with many more clients who live miles away in the UK, or even abroad. 

So, wherever you are located, and however tech savvy you feel you are, please don't hesitate to book an initial consultation either by phone or online  - I can quickly begin to work out the best way for you to start to help yourself, or to gain enough confidence online to use this very powerful medium.

As a Registered Nurse and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I have an ethical duty to keep anyone I see professionally as safe as I possibly can, as well as to deliver effective therapy. We all hope that the Covid-19 emergency will never be repeated but we all learned a thing or two about keeping each other and our families safe in that difficult period so I will always monitor risk and take sensible precautions.

I didn't rush to re-open My Hypnotherapy Works for face to face consultations too quickly although I love seeing clients, especially children and young people face to face. Everyone's safety is paramount, and there isn't much point in working on resolving one issue with a client and causing them to become infected with a - potentially - deadly virus.

I will be regularly updating my advice and detailed procedures for face to face consultations and will always follow best practice - as I've been doing throughout my nursing career.


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