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Hypnotherapy for Weight Control

Change your thoughts and change your life

Getting to your ideal weight

You've probably read all the books and tried all the 'fad' diets - in fact you may feel like you've tried everything. Somehow, no matter what you try, you can't seem to get to or maintain your ideal weight.

If this is you, then My Hypnotherapy will give you an understanding of the very individual and complex relationship you have with food and eating. It will then help you to change your eating behaviour and habits so that you finally understand how to manage your weight.

My Hypnotherapy will focus on the things inside you that make you overeat and eat the wrong things. If we can resolve these, then managing your weight going forward will be a whole lot easier for you.

Call me to discuss how I can help you manage your weight.

I need to understand any underlying health issues you may have that could impact on your weight gain/weight loss to ensure the focus stays firmly on you and safe weight management.

If you are currently working with a Consultant, your GP, a Dietician, a Personal Trainer or any other professional I will, with your consent, work in collaboration with them to enable you to lose weight in the safest way for you


Helping you change the behaviours and habits that cause you to gain weight and strengthening your resolve is where My Hypnotherapy will work most effectively.

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