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Thought Field Therapy - TFT is effective in a number of areas.

Developed by Roger Callahan, an American Psychologist - it is the basis of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Both techniques involve tapping on specific energy meridian points in a particular sequence to remove blockages caused by negative thoughts or emotions. TFT is effective in about 85% of clients and can be beneficial in relieving trauma, PTSD, anxiety, guilt, phobias and fears.

Because I'm fascinated by what I do and always keen to learn new ways of helping clients, I've studied a whole range of techniques and interventions that go well beyond Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

I've used TFT in combination with Hypnotherapy and relaxation with really good outcomes with clients with PTSD and guilt following horrific and violent events in their lives and it worked where previous interventions were only partially successful. There is rarely a day when I don't learn something new and useful to my professional practice.

The complex relationship between our minds and bodies never fails to amaze me.

Sometimes it's the only explanation for why some people recover from trauma and sickness and others do not, I've looked for causes for better outcomes for very similar patients throughout my nursing career without finding any logic for it.

It's a really hard thing for anyone trained in clinical disciplines to say, but sometimes we just have to accept that We will never know everything and we should rejoice in the fact that we can't prove everything.

TFT Hands

TFT Hands

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