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Life Changes, Motivation, Survival... Help when you most need it.

Getting Your Life on Track

Personal and Organisational Coaching

Coaching is an established methodology for helping clients sort out life changes they have been obliged to make, as well as changes they are planning to make. Coaching sits comfortably with My Hypnotherapy and I often use both approaches in addressing client issues.

Many of us are "natural coaches" in our everyday and working lives - being a sounding board for friends, helping colleagues develop the skills they need to further their careers. I certainly started coaching my staff as a manager in the NHS. I had no idea at the time that, what seemed to me to be normal helpful, questioning and clarifying management practices, would develop into a separate management discipline

Everyone needs help sometime no matter how perfect their life may look from the outside - My work in Safeguarding and  Domestic Abuse has taught me a great deal. As a Community Children's Nurse in  prosperous Guildford and the surrounding villages, I rapidly learned that appearances are often deceptive and that the stresses and strains on career, family and marriage for the wealthy are just as damaging as those suffered by people much less well off - Domestic and Child Abuse impact people right across the different segments of society.

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Extra Support when you need it

Survivor Coaching - Getting you past that 'Road Block'

Things can happen in anyone's life that nobody could predict or plan for. Cancer, either your own diagnosis or in someone you love, damage from an abusive relationship, career roadblocks - they are all life-changing events. Coaching offers some help to clarify where you are, where you want to be and how you might get there. At times like these a neutral sounding board can be really useful..

On the outside you are coping well but inside you are a mess - there is a bit of 'the swan' in most of us - but the moments of gliding effortlessly through life disguise the struggle and effort that can lie underneath.

I've worked closely with a number of different clients and organisations in developing my coaching approach. In most cases it's been following on from hypnotherapy. The process of identifying core values and beliefs, analysing aims and objectives is common to many different scenarios whether this is a 'lost senior executive' or an author with 'writers block'. I've worked with HR Managers on organisational cultures and a number of domestic abuse charities to help translate their clients Freedom Programme outcomes into individual goals and 'next steps'. As with individual clients, every scenario is different and generalising is often misleading, but it's always worth talking about what you might be able to achieve with a little extra help.

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