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Psy-TaP is a relatively new therapeutic methodology developed by Kevin Laye using careful research in his successful hypnotherapy practice. It is based in biomechanics and neuroscience and draws its influence from a combination of existing therapeutic modalities including Psychotherapy, Psychosensory Techniques, Thought Field Therapy, Havening, NLP, EMDR and Hypnosis. Once again the focus is on what works rather than why it works.

Psy-TaP hones in on on the feeling resulting from a negative event, rather than revisiting and reliving the event itself. Results can be rapid and are permanent. If I think your issue can be resolved using Psy-TaP, it will be the first 'tool' I will use in your session.

I was so impressed with the results that had been achieved with Psy-Tap that I completed the formal training and am now a registered Psy-TaP practitioner.

Again I've had some really good outcomes with Psy-TaP with clients who seemed ideal for this methodology and, because my focus is on outcomes rather than methodologies, I will always investigate and evaluate disciplines or techniques that are being discussed in the wider therapeutic community.


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