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My Hypnotherapy can free you from
Fears and Phobias

Don't let your hang-ups hold you back

Fears and phobias are common - you are not alone!
My Hypnotherapy can help you tackle your fear or phobia and allow you to move forwards.

Fears and phobias are often dismissed as 'irrational'
But that doesn't really help you. From the outside your fear or phobia may seem irrational, and to the conscious, rational mind it is.

But, at some point in your past, something has triggered your unconscious mind to perceive a seemingly, ordinary, everyday event or 'thing' as a threat.

Unfortunately for you, your GP may either not have taken your phobia seriously or has told you there is nothing they can do to help.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has helped some people with how they react but, in a lot of cases, it doesn't actually rid them of the phobia for good - many have to go back for further courses of treatment.

Your phobia is real, it may stop you doing things you want to do My Hypnotherapy can help you get rid of it once and for all - please call me.


Fear of Heights
Common Fears and Phobias

I've helped my clients free themselves from dozens of different Fears and Phobias

You probably don't remember when it all started

Some of your questions answered

We are all born with an inbuilt fear of falling and loud noises. Any other fears are usually learnt behaviour. This may be from having a bad experience ourselves, growing up watching our parents/carers being scared of something or our unconscious mind making a spurious connection between us feeling scared or anxious and the thing we later are terrified of. As an example my mother was, and still is, terrified of spiders. Whenever she saw one run across the floor she would stand on whatever was the nearest piece of furniture and scream until my father removed the offending arachnid. I grew up believing spiders were scary, but it was actually my mother's reaction to spiders that I was scared of.


Some of the most common fears and phobias I have helped clients deal with are:

Public speaking
Needles and injections
Bees, wasps and other flying insects
Confined spaces
Wide open spaces
Being trapped
The dark

Some of the less common ones are:

Particular numbers
Going to bed
Certain rooms in a house

Please don't worry if your fear or phobia isn't listed here - I can still help you.

Fear is a feeling that is usually temporary and most often occurs when we are in the middle of a dangerous, threatening or difficult situation. Fear is a normal, protective part of being human.

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder.
It is the extreme or irrational fear of something, despite knowing that the fear is unfounded, excessive and out of proportion to the actual danger.

Unless you see your doctor as a private patient, GPs have their 'hands tied' as far as who they can refer you on to. A large number of GPs recognise the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy in helping to resolve phobias but they are, currently, unable to refer you to, or recommend a specific practitioner.

Currently, the only treatment they can offer is either medication or CBT to help you to deal with your symptoms. These are very unlikely to resolve the core issue that is causing the phobia.

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