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My Hypnotherapy can free you from
Habits and Addictions

With both habits and addictions the offending behaviour is a regular unconscious occurrence - it's something people find themselves doing without thinking about or making a conscious decision to do. The good news if you want to stop doing something is that My Hypnotherapy is effective in dealing with habits and addictions.

I deliberately put habits and addictions together, because they usually occur in pretty much the same set of circumstances. But, while many habits may be socially acceptable or tolerated, addictions, for the most part, are not. There are clear clinical distinctions, but they are of scientific rather than practical therapeutic interest - although habits tend to be easier to resolve.

Addictions are usually directly damaging to your health whereas habits are irritating or annoying to other people or indeed yourself. Understanding when the behaviour started and what you gain from it is usually the best point to start looking at how to change it. 

I deal with smoking as an entirely separate subject - because that's the way that smokers tend to see it.
It can be surprisingly easy to resolve - provided the person who is coming for therapy really does want to stop. So, if smoking is your habit or addiction or problem then you should visit my smoking page

stop smoking
Gaming Addictions

Whatever we call it you consciously want it  to change or stop

When the time is right for you it can be easy

Some of your Questions Answered

I have helped clients resolve a number of habits including:

  • Nail biting
  • Scratching
  • Hair pulling
  • Hair twiddling
  • Jaw clenching
  • Nose picking
  • Picking the skin on the fingers
  • Feet picking
  • Twitches and tics

I have helped clients resolve the following addictions:

  • Drink
  • Drugs 
  • Gambling
  • Sex
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Social Media

More of the difficulty lies with the individual client than with the addiction or habit itself.
Once again it's what is going on inside your mind - what does the habit or addiction give you? What would you lose from not having it? What do you gain by quitting or breaking the established habit and addiction patterns?

With addictions, especially alcohol and drugs, availability and social acceptability are critical factors.
If you only ever meet your friends in the pub, then there will always be peer pressure to have a drink and relax, if you regularly meet friends or colleagues at work, in the smoking area, the shared addiction is part of the friendship bond.

With habits the behaviour is usually instigated by the unconscious mind.
You don't consciously realise you are biting your nails or twisting your hair or whatever the habit you want to break may be, until somebody makes you aware of it. 

While its always hard to generalise, identifying and making the conscious mind more aware of the triggers that stimulate the unwanted behaviour is a pretty good starting point. It's changing the nature of the dialogue between the conscious and unconscious that usually starts the process of change.

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