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Stop Smoking

I'm always brutally direct with smokers.

If you really want to give up Cigarettes, Tobacco, Skunk, Weed or any of the other associated habits and addictions then don't hesitate to give me a call.
It's one of the easiest habits to acquire but Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man - just as addictive as heroin but easier to access.

Cigarettes are technically one of the simplest chemical addictions to get rid of - Nicotine is eliminated from the body within 72 hours - but the physical cravings disappear more slowly.

Because smoking is a complex addiction, it's also one of the hardest  to stop. It is rooted in established social behaviours and rituals, and the associated behaviours are themselves addictive. Substituting sweets for the hand to mouth action isn't the best idea. It's not just the 'hand to mouth' element that maintains the addiction.

If you really want to quit I will help you. If you are not ready yet - or just looking for another reason to fail to quit - there is nothing I or any other therapist can do to help.

No Hypnotherapist can make you do anything you don't want to do. It's really important to be absolutely clear, I won't take a client on who says they want to stop smoking unless I'm satisfied they really want to give up and that it's their decision to do this, not someone else's idea to help them to stop.

Because I take a strictly ethical position and only accept clients that I believe I can help my success rate with all issues is high. It's especially high with smokers because of this approach, but that doesn't mean I'll ever claim some magic power;  it means that the clients I take on genuinely do want to stop. 

It's your life and your health and ultimately your decision, but if I do accept you as a client I will make sure you have my full commitment to your success and that you get the best set of tools and techniques to help you to stop for good.


Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is often sold unethically as a "magic wand", or "miracle cure" with "guaranteed results"

FAQ Stopping Smoking

Sorry no I can't. Smoking is a complex addiction and the factors that cause you to smoke are outside my control. You have to decide you really want to stop and could do with help to stop before I would take you on as a client.

As an ex-smoker I am fully aware of the many unsuccessful attempts I made to cut down and stop, and how the whiff of someone else's cigarette smoke or the habit of smoking while in the pub, caused me to fail.

When the time is right for you to stop - you will. If you really want to stop or you have a compelling reason to stop you are likely to succeed.

If it's just an idle thought or if you are giving up because somebody else wants you to then long term success is unlikely. 


Again, sadly no. The problem is smoking NOT what you are smoking.


No I do not "offer packages" and I consider offering this kind of deal to be more in the financial interest of the practitioner than in the interests of any client. 

Remember no Hypnotherapist can ever make you do anything you don't want to do and saying you want to do something is not the same as actually wanting to do it.

I will always let you know after your first or sometimes second session, how many sessions you might need. I will use my experience of working with you, on your addiction, as my indicator.

I'll confirm whether I believe you are going to be successful in quitting before your first paid session and I will never take on a client unless I'm 100% convinced of this. That's the kind of guarantee that actually does mean something.

I'm not interested in wasting my time or my clients' money and I have a reputation for ethical practice, as well as success, that I'm keen to protect.

f you understand your addiction it will help. Ask yourself all these questions and write your answers down:

  • When did you start?
  • Do you remember your first cigarette?
  • Why did you start?
  • Why do you want to stop?
  • Examine the times you feel you must reach for your packet of cigarettes or tobacco.

Read  some of the research and recognise the astonishing amount of money the tobacco industry world wide has spent in trying to obscure and devalue well conducted scientific studies - they pretty much invented 'fake news'.

In my view substituting vaping for cigarettes should be seen as an interim solution
As an ex smoker myself, I tried all sorts of patches, gum and every other aid known at the time - some 15 years ago and none of them worked - the time simply wasn't right for me.

When the time was right for me to stop it was a whole lot easier than I thought, but this had more to do with what was going on in my life and especially what was going on in my head at the time.

If vaping satisfies your nicotine craving and stops you from inhaling all the usual nasty chemicals that always come with even the lowest tar cigarettes then, objectively, it should be less bad for you than cigarettes. But the thing to remember is that there is very little research on the long term effects of vaping - because it hasn't been around that long.

Always  remember  just how much money the tobacco industry has invested in vaping products - for them any continued addiction or addictive behaviour is simply good business, your welfare is not their highest priority.

There is good guidance on e-cigarettes on the NHS Stop Smoking website -

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