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Children and Teenagers

Low self confidence and anxiety/anger in a 9 year old

"Annie put us at ease from the start and offered a transparent service to help our 9 year-old find his way through an emotionally turbulent patch via the books Ollie and his Superpowers and Ollie and the Golden Stripe. She also provided us with therapeutic recordings to play as our son went to sleep. Our son responded well to therapy and seemed to enjoy his sessions with Annie which were conducted via Zoom during quarantine. We saw noticeable improvements within weeks. With her background as a nurse and having worked extensively with children, Annie was also able to reassure us that some of the behaviours we were unsure about were in fact the normal signs of a pre-teen child! This put our minds at rest; the key issue seems to have been resolved and we now need to remember that our son's needs are going to change a lot over years ahead. Wish us luck for living with a teenager!"

Trichotillomania (hair pulling) and anxiety in a 9 year old.

"Thank you so so much Annie for helping my daughter. You have such a lovely way of communicating and connecting with children. My daughter really enjoyed seeing you and was quite sad when we walked away from our final session. I will definitely be recommending you to others where necessary."

My youngest ever client.... 6 years old

She couldn't enjoy family breaks at Disney Land. H.... feared loud noises, fireworks, roller coasters and there was no fun at the fair for her.....

Mother's Testimonial "Hi Anne, hope you are well, we came back from Disney yesterday, I just wanted to let you know how H..... got on, she was a completely different child this time, she went on all rides and enjoyed them and she watched the fireworks with us, I was crying (happy tears) while watching her enjoy herself, words can't describe how happy I am, thank you so so much she is now a completely diferent child. Thanks again." R

Grandmother's Testimonial

"Hi Annie, we have just returned from Disney with H.... we had an amazing time. H.... went on every ride and watched the firework spectacular and loved it all. So a huge thank you from all of us, we all thoroughly enjoyed our trip thanks to you "B..

Fear of Flying - Children

"We had a fabulous time in Malta starting with the flight out!

My daughter was a little bit apprehensive the day before (but no real fretting and sleepless night) and on the day itself but at an understandable level. However, we could see huge improvements the key one being that she was eating at the airport!

Once we had boarded she starting getting a little agitated and did not want to go through any of your exercises. So I tried to adopt your style of questions.

I asked her what was the worst thing that could happen and she replied "I could be sick and everyone would see".

So I asked her to look around and see who would really see and she was surprised to only identify the man across the isle from her.

I asked her what he might think " he wold feel sorry for me and be glad it wasn't him"

So I asked her if that was a bad thing and she said in a very surprised voice "no" and then settled down. She read during the flight, slept and ate. While she was a little wary of landing (could it possibly be as good as the take off?) but was fine.

On the way back she wondered if it could be as good as the way out. I'm pleased to say that it was and she wasn't even aware that we were about to land! We've since had a talk about how we may have some flights which are not so smooth but she now accepts that flying does not need to be a problem or a cause for concern.

We just need to win the lottery now to fund the flights to all of the exciting places we want to visit! Thank you so much for your work with my daughter. I will certainly be recommending you to others and will return should the need arise."

Dealing with Childhood Abuse

"I went to see Annie as l have suffered for the past 43 years with fears and great emotional distress due to being abused as a child and into my early adult life. I cannot thank Annie enough she has given me peace and l am finally comfortable in my life. Her professionalism and calming personality is very reassuring and made me feel so very reassured and welcome."


About the author

Client Testimonial

I'm always delighted when Clients of My Hypnotherapy Works write in to thank me for helping them and gives me permission to publish their comments. Over the years I've collected hundreds of  testimonials in dozens of different areas I'm just offering a few selected  endorsements here. Annie Winfield-Shearer

Not every client does write in, some prefer to just move on from their issue, and I'm fine with that too - What matters to me is that every client feels their issue is resolved.

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