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Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks

Anxiety after an Abusive Relationship

"I attended My Hypnotherapy Works for issues with anxiety following an abusive relationship which was affecting all aspects of my daily living. Annie the hypnotherapist was professional but very welcoming and easy to talk to. Her extensive nursing and coaching background was evident and I felt completely understood. I found she really appreciated what I was feeling and how it was affecting me and had a genuine empathy for what I was going through. Annie works by giving you a 'toolbox' via hypnotherapy so that when out of the therapy room you can access the tools you need to combat whatever it is you are facing. For example, by hypnotherapy I was given a trigger point on my hand to activate when I was feeling anxious, much easier than trying to remember strategies of how to calm yourself. The trigger point when activated by touch triggers the brain to remember the hypnotherapy and instantly I felt calmer and the anxiety went away. I suffer much less now as I have control (yippee!). Very simple yet very effective and far more effective than anything else I have ever tried." KC


Generalised Anxiety

"Having visited Annie I was amazed at how much she had been able to help me control my worries and anxieties with her amazing skills. And all this after just 3 visits. Thank you so much Annie I feel so much better and will continue to use your methods in the future."

Anxiety and low mood

"I was initially very unsure of what to expect, but after meeting Annie and having my first session started to notice immediate differences in my low mood and constant worrying about things I can't control. After just four sessions these seem to have vanished and I'm able to focus on the here and now and start enjoying life. Felt so much happier and content these past few weeks. Thank you so much, it feels amazing!!! Best decision I've made in a long time, thanks Annie."

Coping with work related stress

"Words cannot express how valuable Annie has been to me and helping through issues. Teeth grinding/clenching to severe stress. Annie is very professional and intuitive, even picking up on things I hadn't even considered before. On top of our sessions I've been given extra tools to use to keep me on track between sessions which truly have helped me immensely. I cannot put into words just how special my experience was with Annie and I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Annie."

Driving test nerves

"HI Annie,

I just wanted to say thank you for the help you gave M back in September and October.

He didn't pass the October driving test, but did cope much better with the test situation and was able to focus much better than on his previous test attempt.

He rebooked his driving test for earlier this week and has now passed, despite having to change car only a week before the test date.

Thanks again, B"


Health anxiety

"18 months ago I had a health issue that triggered anxiety; since then I have been caught in a cycle of an episode of bad health leading to anxiety leading to bad health and on it went getting worse and worse. I would get anxious over things I knew I wasn't even worrying about, my body had got caught in a trap. Whilst trying to understand why this happened I came across Annie's website and was struck by what she has done for others. Being someone who isn't keen on the traditional methods of popping pills to numb things without dealing with the underlying issues I took the plunge.

I didn't know what to expect but knew from my first consultation that Annie could help me. What I didn't expect was that within a space of a few short weeks I would go from being someone consumed by anxiety to feeling like 'me' again. I still have odd moments when I can feel anxiety starting but can shut it down quickly now and get on with my day and am sure that it will be fully gone soon. Having had this hovering over me for 18 months it is a relief to know I stand in much better stead to have a healthier and happier year.

I can't thank Annie enough for her help, anxiety can be really tough to grapple with, it can affect your whole life and sometimes you can't see a way out from under it. If you are struggling and want a fast and effective release from it I encourage you to make contact with Annie and see if she can assist you.

Thank you for giving me my life back Annie!"



Presentation Nerves

This is what the father of a high achieving young person - who had been agonising about a competition he had entered - had to say about the result of his son's single visit just before the event.


Coping with Workplace Stress

"Following a very tricky time at work, I contacted Annie to help me with the symptoms of stress. I would highly recommend Annie." T. G. Social Media Expert

About the author

Client Testimonial

I'm always delighted when Clients of My Hypnotherapy Works write in to thank me for helping them and gives me permission to publish their comments. Over the years I've collected hundreds of  testimonials in dozens of different areas I'm just offering a few selected  endorsements here. Annie Winfield-Shearer

Not every client does write in, some prefer to just move on from their issue, and I'm fine with that too - What matters to me is that every client feels their issue is resolved.

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