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Teenage Issues

Teenage issues can be life changing
My Hypnotherapy has also helped clients who, due to their fear, were unable to actually name their phobia or hear words or phrases that described it too closely.

Needle Phobia
One such client was an 18 year old who came to me with an injection/needle phobia. She was so scared that she brought a friend with her to her first appointment for moral support. During the first session I had to say "The word beginning with I" - even this triggered her feelings of anxiety and made her well up with tears. By the end of session two she was able to say "Injection" herself and she was so excited by her progress she rang her Dad after the session to say "Injection, injection, injection" to him. By the end of her third and final session she was able to hold a needle and syringe without a problem and even did so whilst she was in deep relaxation. I saw her Dad recently and she has conquered her phobia so successfully that she has had a tattoo done - something she would never have contemplated before My Hypnotherapy.

About the author

Client Testimonial

I'm always delighted when Clients of My Hypnotherapy Works write in to thank me for helping them and gives me permission to publish their comments. Over the years I've collected hundreds of  testimonials in dozens of different areas I'm just offering a few selected  endorsements here. Annie Winfield-Shearer

Not every client does write in, some prefer to just move on from their issue, and I'm fine with that too - What matters to me is that every client feels their issue is resolved.

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