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Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Lifelong Insomniac now sleeping

I have been a life long insomniac and I have tried just about everything you can think of, conventional and non conventional. My insomnia has got far worse this year, an age thing and I was desperate for help. I went to Annie and noticed a difference after the first session. I had a total of three sessions and can honestly say I am sleeping much better, I am also more relaxed and blasé about my numerous stresses. Annie is professional and extremely knowledgable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Thank you very much Annie.

Insomnia due to unresolved past events

"A HUGE thanks to Annie - her hypnotherapy DOES work! I hadn't had a full night's sleep for decades. Went to see Annie who helped me sort out the reason why I was unable to sleep, a 45-year old reason that I have now resolved. Oh, the bliss of sleeping a full night or waking and going straight back to sleep instead of counting the hours and the sheep and getting nowhere. Annie is friendly, kind, positive and non-judgemental and she truly gets results."

About the author

Client Testimonial

I'm always delighted when Clients of My Hypnotherapy Works write in to thank me for helping them and gives me permission to publish their comments. Over the years I've collected hundreds of  testimonials in dozens of different areas I'm just offering a few selected  endorsements here. Annie Winfield-Shearer

Not every client does write in, some prefer to just move on from their issue, and I'm fine with that too - What matters to me is that every client feels their issue is resolved.

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