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Some Parents Will Never Understand This

Confused Child

Kids. understanding of the world is shaped a whole lot more than you may think by what you say and how you say it.

Most parents today would think the old saying "Children should be seen and not heard" belonged in the past. The same is probably true for "Walls have Ears" but many parents and teachers just don't realise the influence they have on how a child's future will develop.

They do hear things we may not intend them to hear, they do need to speak up for themselves as they work at becoming independent human beings and managing all this without constantly beating yourself up and being frightened to say "NO" when that really is what you know you should say or to gently curb petulant attention seeking behaviour can just make you a bag of nerves.

You bring up your kids in real time and every parent gets stuff wrong -parents are human beings - they all make mistakes. Children are all little individuals and they don't come with an instruction manual or a specification we can refer to!

Many of the kids and the damaged adults I see really do have issues that are rooted in some very basic and seemingly innocent events in their childhood... I'm not a psychologist but my experience in both nursing and hypnotherapy tells me that Dr Freud got an awful lot of things absolutely right.

Working with children and young people is my passion - I have been doing it for 32 years in the NHS and nearly 9 years in my private practice. I was a problem teenager myself so when I look back to either my inner child or inner rebellious teenage self I find it easy to relate to both children and young adults and every group in between.

Uncovering the triggers for unwanted behaviours, self harm, eating disorders, anxiety and poor self esteem that are the start points for my hypnotherapy.... many of them are things we learned in childhood but simply didn't realise... it's so rare for us to be questioned about 'Why?" and "When did this first start?" both of which are pretty obvious when you start from a point where anything can be changed with just a little help.

My Hypnotherapy isn't designed to go on and on and to analyse every detail of the influences that have made you who you are today, thats a completely different discipline.... I'm looking for subconscious triggers we can work with to produce the changes you want to make it really is as simple as that.

Annie Winfield-Shearer

About the author

Annie Winfield-Shearer

Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Registered Nurse and Coach

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