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Anxiety issues of a 12 year old - resolved

My 12 year old daughter was having some real problems with anxiety and panic attacks which were affecting her happiness and education. We had tried different psychologists in the past which had helped a bit. Working with Annie has been far more effective and seems to have changed the way she thinks. Not only does my daughter now believe that she doesn’t need Annie anymore, but she is a happier, more confident child as a whole. Annie was so kind and understanding, whilst being firm when she needed to be and the support that her recordings gave in between sessions was invaluable. All together, we have a happier child who is now excited about going back to school and feels better able to cope with the stresses and situations she meets there. This is all due to Annie, and along the way she also sorted out some nervous tics and a bad habit or two.

Thank you Annie.

Kate O'Neill

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Client Testimonial

I'm always delighted when Clients of My Hypnotherapy Works write in to thank me for helping them and gives me permission to publish their comments. Over the years I've collected hundreds of  testimonials in dozens of different areas I'm just offering a few selected  endorsements here. Annie Winfield-Shearer

Not every client does write in, some prefer to just move on from their issue, and I'm fine with that too - What matters to me is that every client feels their issue is resolved.

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